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Languages Translated

Here at JBV Translation Services, one of our main advantages as a translations agency is that we offer certified translations in a massive range of languages. Unlike many other translations companies, which specialise in a small number of language translations, we provide specialised and highly technical translation services in a huge selection of European, Asian, Celtic, and ancient languages. Examples of our language services include:

Italian Translations
Portuguese Translations
Spanish Translations
Latin Translations
French Translations
German Translations
Arabic Translations
Chinese Translations
Irish Translations
Korean Translation
English Translations
Japanese Translations
Lithuanian Translations
Hungarian Translations
Polish Translations
Norwegian Translations
Latvian Translations
Swedish Translations
Romanian Translations
And Much More

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Dublin Translation Services You Can Trust

Here at JBV Translation Services, we are registered as a certified translations agency, meaning that we offer accurate, reputable, and reliable translation services that you can trust. Whether you require help translating a CV and cover letter for your next job or require help with legal translations, we are more than happy to help.


With flexible translation time frames available upon request, we take pride in ensuring your translation documents are given the time and attention to detail they deserve. With a team of translation professionals working in an extensive selection of languages, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with JBV Translation Services.


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