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JBV Translation Services (Formerly JBV Translation Services) was founded by Frenchman Jean-Bertrand de Villeneuve in 1977 – out of a passion for words, languages, challenges and for customers in need of linguistic assistance.

JBV Translation Services provides professional language solutions to both private and corporate clients – with always these core principles in mind: uncompromising quality and unwavering attention to details.

We endeavour to ensure that your communication needs in any language are met rigorously, localised and delivered on time.


With over 40 years of experience managing simple to complex translation projects, we can guarantee you that your translation project will be delivered on time, within budget and with outstanding quality:

  1. We will first discuss the scope of the project with you, so we can understand your objectives and help you decide exactly what needs to be translated, thereby eliminating unnecessary translation.

  2. We will also review the material to be translated, and prepare a list of questions if needed, to agree on the terminology required. This will ensure consistency in the overall translation project – especially for very large documents.

  3. The translation is executed by our highly qualified translatorsnative speakers of the target languages with proven professional experience in linguistics, translation, editing and proofreading

  4. We will then review the translation, to ensure quality and consistency

  5. The completed translation is delivered – Once the translation has been delivered, we seek your feedback, in order to ensure continuous improvement of our services.


Translation In Multiple Languages
Interpreting Services
Marketing And Advertising
Certified Translations
Business And Commercial
Human Resources, Education And Training
Travel, Tourism And Hospitality
Cvs And Cover Letters

Whatever your translation challenge is, we would like to discuss it with you.

Contact us today with any question or for additional information, or request a free quote for your language translation project.

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Our Company

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